Friday, March 27, 2009

Computer Society International Design Competition

Computer Society International Design Competition (CSIDC) was the most prestigious student design competitions during 2000-2006. Under IEEE's - Computer Society wing, the contest was sponsored and judged by the most important companies in the IT world: AMD, Hewlett Packard, Intel, Motorola, Microsoft, Lucent, NSF, Sun, SAIC, Caldera, QNX, Pervasive Software, General Software, VersaLogic. In the judging team there were people from the sponsors, as well as academia (Carnegie Mellon, Virginia Tech) and USDoD.
The contest had several stages, and took aprox 6 months of development, at each stage the team was judged based on the progress of the work, and technical inovativity.
The world finals were held in Washington DC, and put face to face for 2 days, the best 10 teams from all over the world.

Romanian teams that participated in the contest:

2002 -
1st place - BE Secure: Building Surveillance Equipment ( PowerPoint Presentation) ( Project Report)(BE Secure: The Movie)
Team: Vlad Panait, Mihai Mircea, Tiberius Parcalabu
Mentor: Nicolae Tapus

2003 - 2nd place - Eyes Only ( PowerPoint Presentation) ( Project Report)
Team: Tiberius Parcalabu, Andrei Hagiescu
Mentor: Nicolae Tapus, Vlad Panait

2004 - 2nd place -
eXpress! Help ( Project Report)
Team: Andrei Hagiescu, Marian Mihailescu, Cristina Toma
Mentor: Nicolae Tapus, Vlad Panait

2005 - 3rd place - NOMAD Positioning System (Presentation) (Project Report)
Team: Doru Arfire, Catalin Ioana, Bogdan Lucaciu, Marius Muresan
Mentor: Nicolae Tapus, Vlad Panait

2006 - 3rd place - Synairgy ( Project Report)
Team: Maximilian Machedon, Iulian Moraru, Bogdan Marius Tudor, Dan ┼×tefan Tudose
Mentor: Nicolae Tapus, Vlad Panait

For the official contest web-site, follow the link.

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